Thursday, 12 March 2009

Ireland Decides Who Represents Its People. Shahid Malik Should Hold His Tongue About Ireland

Justice Minister and Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik said: "these extremists in Luton no more represent ordinary Muslims than the Real IRA represent ordinary Irish people. "

The behaviour of muslims in Luton is nothing to do with Ireland and it is disturbing that the person who tries to pretend a connection is a so-called 'justice' minister. What kind of justice and what kind of minister tries to slur Irish people with muslim extremism?


Blue Eyes said...

There is quite a difference between being in the IRA and wanting the British out and being in Luton and wanting the British out.

hatfield girl said...

Who commands troops when they are marching along in their own back yard? Presumably their officers, as in other circumstances?

I can't help wishing a few brisk orders had been bawled out and the Luton ill-manners dealt with then and there.

The Irish and the English and the Scots have been squaring up to one another for centuries. What kind of arrogance has possessed a Shahid Malik to even contemplate remarking on what is nothing to do with muslims? Pig ignorant, as my Grandmother would say.

Anonymous said...

I think he is comparing Muslim extremists to Irish extremists both of which are killing British soldiers. His point is balanced a fair or can a none White, or even none Irish person not say these things without being critisied.

Blue eyes LOL

hatfield girl said...

A group of self-identified muslims were rude and abusive to English soldiers being welcomed home to their own part of the country, parading through a town of which they have been granted the freedom.

What goes on in Ireland between the Irish and the English and the Scots is not comparable to anything the that goes on in England between muslims and returning UK troops.

Shahid Malik quite possibly doesn't even realise that a United Ireland has been Labour party policy always. I repeat, his comparisons are offensive, irresponsible and ill-informed.

What has whiteness got to do with any of this?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Justice Minister ? I thought was slippery Jack.
Shahid Maliks website says "In 2007 he was appointed Minister for International Development ".

Sue said...

That's funny Blue Eyes :)

hatfield girl said...

Shahid seems to get around, Banned. And come to think of it, what on earth is international development to do with UK government. This messiah complex is contagious.