Sunday, 22 March 2009

Cancelling the G20

A day out to the Isle of Dogs doesn't seem worth it. Worth risking violence, confrontation, possibly death and certainly disruption. What ever is the Queen thinking of acceding to the propaganda purposes of New Labour and the New World Order. Does she want to encourage the use of London as a battleground?

Cancelled invitations to the reception reported to have been organised at Buckingham palace would curtail New Labour's disgraceful provocation in the midst of economic hardship for millions, and lead the way for other heads of state to downgrade their countries' representation at what is ostensibly a photoshoot for Gordon Brown.

Nothing can come of this meeting that is not agreed already. Its further purpose must be understood.

Is this what they want?

and this?

and this

Aren't the beaten and the dead of Genoa enough? Must we accept London reduced to a violated backdrop for self aggrandizement and the celebration of obsession and control?


Raedwald said...

Yes, HG - this is exactly what Brown wants. Footage of tough paramilitary police to scare the population into compliance, another excuse to ratchet up the climate of fear, a ruthless demonstration of the power of the State. This will be his Wapping, his Orgreave.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Agreed, most other countries place such meetings at the back end of nowhere, up mountains or on islands. Having pre-Olympics London as the venue has only one obvious purpose > practise.
I do hope that Obama gives Gordon a good snubbing as I'm sure that he is only coming to get a pic of himself with The Queen.

Recent rumblings in Thailand have been in support of the recently eroded status quo, I can't think of a similar uprising in a Western context but I expect that it is what we want.