Friday, 6 March 2009

Holborn and St Pancras

Will Frank Dobson stand again for election in this inner London safe Labour seat? Sixty eight is usually time to think about retirement. There are some high profile potential candidates for London seats not least, ironically, Ken Livingstone, who beat Frank into third place for Mayor of London after standing as an independent when Frank beat him to the nomination using the Party machine.

As the Brown-led New Labour regime follows its New Labour-constructed banking and financial sector into the abyss, dragging the real economy behind it, there must be some use to which such an electoral winner and vote-getter can be put. Labour threw away their greatest asset, Blair but can they afford to discard instant voter recognition Ken as well?


Nick Drew said...

may need to be a by-election, HG, just to be sure

but safe at the GE would presumably be a good second-best

Nick Drew said...

ooh - no moderation

that's bold of you !

Nick Drew said...

back again after visiting Monculi to declare - Scout's honour - that I wrote the 2nd comment before reading the 'type-script' there

honest !

(wv = Flesseno - local river ? hill ?)

Nomad said...

How odd! The latest entry at Capitalists at Work seeks suggestions for the next leader of the Labour Party. Given that a by-election could be fairly easily engineered somewhere in London, there are already those who think Ken is a good outside bet. If he should stand and win, at least the party will have somebody with more than a gram of personality at is head.

hatfield girl said...

There's a lot of flessone about ND in these money-printing times. And it will be really on the increase now the Messina Straits are to be bridged.

hatfield girl said...

Ken's been the candidate of Labour's entryist left for Labour party leader since time immemorial hasn't he Nomad?

He's got much more than electoral appeal - an extensive and disciplined political network and contacts throughout the left, both within the Labour party and in many affiliated and front organisations. Very progressive, Ken is, as well as laying emphasis on the international aspects of the socialist movement and its supporters.

hatfield girl said...

ps Lilith has his photo up as well in her latest post.