Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Micropolitcs of Representative Democracy

We're very short of by-elections again. There was Glenrothes but that doesn't count. Not after the goings-on. It's as if Fearty-from-Fife disease has infected every decision-taking process controlled by New Labour. By-election avoidance has absolute priority.

That is why no behaviour, no matter how publicly reviled, is unacceptable from any member of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

'Back me or I'll apply for the Manor of Northstead'.
'No! Any sinecure you want, but not that or the Chiltern Hundreds'.

And what deals, other than troughing permissions, are being struck now? It is often overlooked that when a Leader enjoys such monumental levels of personal rejection and political bankruptcy as does our Prime Minister, small but often pernicious and long term in their effect powers pass into the hands of others. This is not to say that large powers and concessions are not being made also to maintain himself in power. But we can see those.

What dung heap of smaller debs is he accumulating to avoid facing a vote?

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