Monday, 4 May 2009

Cornered in London

The ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, and the deposit of the ratification documents in Rome (this last an essential part of the process of putting the Lisbon Treaty into operation) continues to be misrepresented by the media and continues to be prevented by the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Ireland.

Ireland voted the Treaty down by referendum and is the most obvious stumbling block. The Czech Republic and Poland still have stages of parliamentary and/or Presidential agreement plus depositing the papers to get through. But Germany has not one but two constitutional challenges before its Constitutional Court, with very serious conflicts between the German Constitution and the Lisbon Constitution being considered and the President of Germany awaiting constitutional rulings before proceeding further.

By Executive ratification and deposit Gordon Brown has betrayed the United Kingdom, and betrayed the commitment in the Labour manifesto, in denying holding a referendum on major constitutional change in the United Kingdom's relationship with the European Union. Not that such would deter a man so easy in his standards and malfunctioning moral compass. But there is a price to pay, and we are watching him paying it. Brown is of no further service to the European Union powers. The UK is in the bag and even public courtesies have been withdrawn from someone who has made himself uniformly objectionable over so long within the EU. His last hurrah was at the ill-fated April 'summit' when there was still a query whether further looting of nation state tax-payers might be possible. All he delivered was dinner and a photo opportunity marred by infinitely worse photos of the dead and beaten.

So while four member states hold the line against EU antidemocratic authoritarian rule, Brown is now on his own, and facing our people in all his betrayal and in desperate need of our support.

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