Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Lisbon Is Still a Long Way From Imposition

The passing of the Lisbon Treaty vote in the Czech Republic Senate had been a foregone conclusion and already discounted. It is the President who has been always the stumbling block for Lisbon. He has stated he will not sign the ratification until the Irish referendum is overturned. Until then, Lisbon continues to be denied by Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

It is misleading of the report in today's Telegraph to suggest that only Ireland continues to refuse to ratify Lisbon, or that the the German Constitutional court has only one matter to decide, or that is easy to forecast how the Court will rule. Poland, too, is waiting for the Irish to be put to the question again, and crumble when shown the instruments of torture. Until Ireland gives way Poland's President will not finish the process of accepting Lisbon either. Ireland is not alone and carries the conscience of the west as the Presidents of Poland and the Czech Republic carry the conscience of the east.

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