Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Get Rid of Him Now, Not in June

David Cameron has called upon the electorate to use the European elections and the local elections in early June to reject the New Labour Executive and their failed Prime Minister in a kind of plebiscite, a surrogate general election. This call, of itself, gives Brown another horizon, another few weeks of respite. Respite when he should not be permitted to survive another day.

What is the matter with the Conservatives? What are they trying to protect that Brown's demise will expose to greater threat? England is deperate for a general election, desperate for Brown to be called to account. Yet the main opposition party concedes another month of democratic validity.

It's Europe, isn't it. The Conservatives are hoping Lisbon will go through before they must face our outrage at the destruction of democratic control over our own country and hold the referendum, the straightforward consultation of the people guaranteed to Ireland by its Constitution and offered to us but denied by Labour.

There begins to be a suspicion that the Conservatives, too, do not want us to be given a direct voice over Lisbon.


Blue Eyes said...

I don't think so. Cameron is threatening a retrospective referendum and the Germans and Czechs are still a long way from ratification.

Labour MPs will not get rid of Brown because they know that as soon as they do there will need to be an election and that there will be a bloodbath. It's pure selfishness now in the PLP.

hatfield girl said...

'It's pure selfishness now in the PLP.'

Yes, Blue. And pure disaster for the Labour councillors and candidates standing for election on local issues and local records, many of them undeniably worthwhile, sacrificed for selfishness and supranational agendas.

Destroying the local base will destroy Labour for good.

Blue Eyes said...

Let's hope so. Current Labour MPs don't care about that, though. They are at the top of their careers now and the only way is down. Socialists have no sense of stewardship.

Sue said...

I think you're right. Their rhetoric is very cagey on the referendum. I'm not happy about their silences on certain subjects either. I might have to join the Libertarians if the Tories don't pull their socks up.